Yangmingshan Part 2


Yangmingshan vegetable paddies

It’s Friday, and that means Aunt 1 wants to go up to her weekend house in Yangmingshan again. Today, instead of heading straight to the house, we actually went up for lunch first. At first I didn’t even know where we were headed…just knew that we were heading quite deep into the mountain. Eventually we branched off from the main road, the passing cars became scarcer and scarcer, and the buildings became more squat and rustic. Suddenly we broke out from the tree canopy into a scene that looked like something straight out of a Chinese kung fu movie. We were in a plateau cradled in the midst of the Yangmingshan mountains—a flat expanse of plant terraces lush with calla lilies and vibrant vegetables as far as the eye can see.


We walked down a winding path that went straight through the plant terraces, and right in the middle of the field of greens, there was a quaint little restaurant run by a friend of my aunt’s. It was completely empty inside, so we had privacy to chat as we liked.


Long, winding path through the veggies


The “restaurant” hut


While we waited for the dishes to come out I explored around the immediate area…



Huge (~3’ long) winter gourds in the back…


Veggie paddies forever…


The dishes were served up super hot and fresh, and many of the vegetables were home-grown.  Crisp bamboo stir-fry with mild chili and sesame oil pork:


Left: stir-fried bamboo; right: sesame pork

Delicately soft steamed fish:


Special preserved winter gourd to flavor white rice.  Strong fermented flavor and very salty. (It came in one small block but my grandma split it up before I could get a good picture).


After the very satisfying meal, we dropped into a garden store on the street.


It was filled with lots of random cute odds and ends for the garden.


Sunlight-activated bouncy dolls.


Lots of Asian-sized plants.


Plant-able beans with words like “happiness,” “good luck,” etc…


A pond lily with way too many bugs in it:


We then went to the house and I took a few nice pictures of the view:


The living room (and grandma):


Some bedrooms:



There was no wifi yet since the house is very new, so I edited some video footage offline with the great view as the backdrop.


Watch the Yangmingshan Pt. 2 vlog!:

I’ve finally put up a few videos so you can go check it out at the Youtube link at the top of the page will take you directly to my channel.  Feel free to let me know if there’s anything I can improve on or if there’s something you want to see in future posts. Until next time!


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