Mooi Trouve: Part 1 on being Hipster in Taipei


Some of the more interesting optional large classes have finally started this week! So in preparation for my nice 2 hour gap in-between classes, I looked up study cafes nearby Shida online, and found Mooi Trouve a mere 5 minutes walk away from campus. The main draw for me was that it was apparently once a Japanese-style residential building that has since been renovated into a cafe that is part antiques shop and part coffee house. Quite the intrigue.

Mooi Trouve is tucked unassumingly into a quiet, residential neighborhood; I would not have noticed the cafe if I didn’t know what to look for.  Luckily I had spent some time looking up pictures through various blogs the night before, so I recognized its quaint tile roofing, and ventured inside.


IMG_5035 - Copy


I spent some time looking around the small L-shaped antiques shop section before sitting down. They had a small piano, among other small housewares and trinkets that all seemed quite pricey (hipster price).

IMG_5021 - Copy

IMG_5026 - Copy

IMG_5027 - Copy

IMG_5028 - Copy

IMG_5029 - Copy

Although I am Taiwanese by blood, and I do understand Chinese pretty fluently, I find that there are many times I still feel like a foreigner. I stared at the Chinese menu for 15 minutes before giving up and asking for the English menu, which was fortunately available. Maybe it’s just me but I really hate asking for the English menu, which is like obnoxiously holding up a sign that I am not native, and the waiters start motioning and pointing at things as if I don’t understand Chinese at all -_______-.

Anyway, I ordered a chicken pasta salad as it was one of the only things that wasn’t a sandwich, and a toffee latte. The cold salad was just ok since I’m not really a cold pasta type of person, but the latte was quite good.

IMG_5017 - Copy

IMG_5018 - Copy

In conclusion I was really digging the vibe at Mooi Trouve—very hipster, quiet, and study-friendly with outlets available along the walls. However, I would go elsewhere for a meal.




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